Social media marketing strategies are crucial plans for growing your business. However, it can be a challenging adventure for many, unusually small business owners to excel at marketing while also focusing on improving their business. You don’t want to make the same mistake you did in 2018, so you need reliable and actionable marketing strategies that are easy to execute throughout 2019 to grow your business in productive ways. This is your tactical social media marketing guide for 2019, so you can be successful in the upcoming year.

Tactics To Step Up Your 2019 Game

This post contains tactics to help you improve your social media plans for 2019. From email marketing and social media campaigns to branding, pricing and identifying your target audience. These tactics include:

Develop a High-Level Content Marketing Strategy

Audit this year social media performance by tracking your social media metrics and return on investments (ROI). It gives you an opportunity to monitor your data and analyze how you performed on a specific period, say quarterly or half yearly. A good Social Media Marketing strategy should aim at giving you the relevant Social Media ROI.

Tracking the right Social Media metrics can help you to learn from 2018 and understand whether your marketing efforts are on track or there is a need to pay attention to certain areas. It can also help you define and stick to your social media marketing goals for the effort of preparing next year. These goals include:

  • Boosting your overall sales
  • Driving more traffic to your website
  • Increasing your brand awareness

Craft A Meaningful Brand Narrative

Your brand narrative needs to be properly optimized before stepping up social in 2019. Your content needs to be compelling to attract and engage your audiences and lead them to action as well. Be sure to evaluate your brand story and ensure it is inspiring and can rise above your competitors.

How Do You Craft A Meaningful Brand Narrative?

The following are some of the ways that will help you craft a meaningful brand narrative:

  • Offer value in every piece of content; prefer to aim at quality over quantity to achieve effective communication about your brand story. It’s much better to post a few meaningful strategic contents than lots of unattractive pieces that people will scroll past.
  • Include a call to action for your audience; a good brand story will stick to the audience when an element of human connection included. Including calls to action is an excellent way for your brands to engineer moments of human connection.

Document your 2019 Objectives

Increasing your brand awareness, maintaining existing as well as growing new customers, generating leads and many more are some of the essential objectives that can help you to reach your goals.

If you break down your 2019 goals into concrete objectives, you will understand precisely where you need to focus your time and energy and which social network needs more attention than the other. Therefore, it is advisable to document your specific objectives and set up the accountability mechanisms necessary to help keep them on top throughout your 2019.

Stay Updated on the Emerging Technology

With the mighty internet revolution, every brand should make use of technology to grow their business. Be sure to consider new technologies awaiting 2019 and adapt them as earlier as possible to your social media strategies. Some of the upcoming opportunities from emerging technology that should be on your 2019 top list include:

  • Podcasts and smart speakers; this will help you form a much deeper connection with your audience hence increasing traffic to your site.
  • Chatbots; create a solid connection between your business and clients which improve the response to your requirements

Understand Your Audience Persona

Your business is never about you; it has always been about your audience and consumers – the people you provide value for. Finding the right people who might be interested in your brand is not an easy task. Therefore, you need the right strategy to get started.

Starting with asking yourself the right questions is a sure way of understanding your audience persona. Such questions may include:

  1. Have your audience personas changed in the past year?
  2. Have their needs shifted?
  3. What are some of the new challenges they are facing?
  4. Do they have different goals?

When these questions are well analyzed and answered, they will help you to gather important information about audiences’ persona properly. This will help you understand your audience well and how you will engage with them along with your content on Social Media, hence resulting in more conversions. Therefore, before committing yourself to a concrete strategy, try to revisit and update your buyer personas. The insights you gain from this exercise will shape your marketing strategies for the better results come 2019.

Research on Your Competitors

Lots of businesses fail on Social Media because they don’t invest time in creating an effective Social Media Marketing strategies. To have more clarity about your social media goals, you have to invest part of your time researching your competitors. Look at what they are doing. What is working best for them? What is helping them to achieve more success? This exercise will help you identify key areas that you can enhance upon in regards to your competitors’ activities and strategies to gain even better results.

Engage With Industry Influencers

Tactical Social Media Marketing

As social media channels increasingly continue to establish impressive audiences, you also need to think outside the traditional social media marketing strategies box. More consumers are now following influencers for their product and services recommendations. Therefore, reaching out to a prominent figure in your field to review and promote your product can be a good idea for your 2019 marketing strategies.

Final Word

From the above tactics, you can see that there is much to consider for your 2019 social media marketing strategy. What you need to understand is that your 2018 data and activities can be more critical when it comes to 2019 performance, your audience’s persona and your competition’s activities. Having this in mind will place you at an excellent position to create a precise, workable and goal-driven social marketing strategy moving forward.