Can you imagine investing your energy creating great content on your site and all you get at the end is a small number of views? It is discouraging. With social media, having great content is not enough. Everything from keywords to URL should be optimized, and that includes making sure you use URL Shortening For Social Media.

So, what is URL shortening for social media?

URL shortening is a service that involves converting regular URLs into shorter formats. This can be achieved with the help of tools known as URL Shorteners. URL shorteners are handy, and they will help you especially when working with complex URLs.

Why You Need URL Shorteners

URL shorteners come with lots of benefits that you don’t want to miss. Some of the benefits include:

They make your Link more manageable

URL Shortening For Social Media helps you manage statistics for CTA.

Full URLs are sometimes very long and do not look neat on your web. Plus, long URLs are not easy to share on social media platforms. People prefer clicking on visually appealing links, especially when the links are customized. That’s where the real power of URL shorteners appear.

Help to monitor your link

URL shorteners work by giving you a great opportunity of tracking the number of clicks per each link. This helps you to compare the effectiveness of each link. Use URL shortener to save time and promote your links only through social media platforms that show results.

Help to mornitor your traffic behavior

Tracking clicks per each link are one thing, but measuring the quality of traffic coming to your channel is equally vital. In order to see how any given traffic behaves on your site, you would need Google URL Builder and a random URL shortener to do so.

Economic to your marketing costs

Have you ever used SMS? You would notice that the more character you use in your message, the more you have to pay for it. Fortunately, URL shorteners solve this without giving up on analytics. Plus, when you shorten your link, people would consider it more trustworthy, which improves the click-through rate on your website.

NOTE:URL Shortener does not affect your SEO rank on anyway; it is essential to maintain your SEO power within your domain and not pass it to the shortening domain. That is why it is always recommended to check if the shortened link has a 301-type redirect. The good thing about URL shortener is that they use the 301-type redirect, so the safety of your SEO power is guaranteed.

Where & How Can You Shorten URLs Links?

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With the evolution of web technology, we have lots of great tools available for shortening URLs.

Regarding the tools, there are some neat and trusted sites that handle URL shortening services, including full analytics and archives of everything you shorten. Below is the list of handful favorite link shortening services you need to know: is one of the, most reliable link shorteners available online. People are using it for their everyday services in link shortening as well as keeping track of how they are sharing.

What makes this tool even better and unique is that you don’t need an account for basic link shortening service. All you just need is to copy and paste your link on Bitly’s website, and you are ready to go.

However, to access some of the advanced features such as link customization and archival tools as well as real-time stats, you will have to create an account. is the official URL shortener from Google. It is only one of the newer URL shorteners on the block, but it is increasingly becoming quite popular on Twitter. It helps you to track when your shortened URLs were created and how many clicks they have received. used to be one of the top shortening choices in the past, and millions of people still use it a lot today; however, it does include a couple more characters compared to others like and With TinyURL, you are able to customize the end letters and numbers on your site as an option. If branding is important to you, this tool has all the nice extra features you need.

Final Word

Social media has given us an excellent reach for expansion. Whether we are part of a big business or running SMEs, it is vital to go with the change that comes on board for the better of your business.

With the same token, the URL is at the heart of social media technology, and to be precise, link shortening. With the evolution of the technology, link shortening is increasingly becoming essential to managing URLs better. Therefore, having versatile and inexpensiveURL shorteners such as the one we have discussed above will help you run your social media channels more efficiently.