Any business that is not taking advantage of online marketing on any of the social media channels nowadays must be missing out lots of opportunities to develop a relationship with their customers, stay in touch with their customer base as well as generating leads.

Implementing your social media strategy can be challenging especially for a new business or a new social media account manager. Fortunately enough, there are tons of tools online that will improve your online activities and increase the efficiency of your digital asset management process.

So, what is Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management (DAM) is a software catalog which maintains repositories of media files such as photos, audio files, and video files. It allows users to group, search, and distribute data.

DAM systems are often implemented by social media marketing teams across various industries for help in defining and managing their brands online. The DAM solution can also be used to reduce the duplication of an organization’s assets, update collections, and control security of assets with role-based permissions.

Features of a digital asset management system

  • Indexing and search; which makes users to quickly search and find their assets via the search index box.
  • Importing and exporting; to help users import and export their digital assets into the DAM system where there can also tag automatically or manually.
  • Access control; provides different levels of access to content based on varying roles
  • Metadata; which adds descriptive metadata like uploads and file sizes
  • File transformation; which helps to convert files to different versions, either automatically or manually
  • File preview; enables users to preview large image files and videos.
  • Workflow management; program rules that automate different assigned tasks.
  • Versioning; tracks the changing versions of the same assets.

Why do you need a digital asset management system on your social media marketing?

Most brands are increasingly implementing DAM systems to their social media channels to create an active interaction between their products and their users. With DAM solution, their users can navigate the company’s digital libraries and find the assets they need. Along with this, the DAM system also comes with other good benefits that you don’t want to miss on your marketing strategy.

  • Mobility; with the current technology, you can contact your business from anywhere and be able to reach a large audience. Most works can be done via podcast and video calls. Therefore, the DAM system allows you to access the right materials from anywhere at any time.
  • It ensures correct versioning; you want your marketing team to be sure around a content management system that helps them to search updated version of photo, video or presentation. DAM systems help you to host multiple versions of your assets. This allows users to select their preferred content to export for use.
  • Help your users to navigate your page with ease; since DAM systems provide file previews and thumbnails, it makes your users navigate your pages without hassle.
  • Brand management; DAM helps you to maintain brand consistency by ensuring that your marketing team has access to the right branded assets whenever they need them.
  • Streamline file creation and repurposing; DAM system gives you the ability to create an asset once, or edit an existing asset, and distribute it quickly via multiple channels.
  • Provide more efficient workflows; DAM helps you to initiate automated workflows which keeps projects moving forward, as well as alerting stakeholders, so they remain on target to meet deadlines for their reviews and approvals.

Where to find the best digital asset management system?

If you are planning to implement a DAM system in your social media marketing strategy, save your time searching for lots of the DAM solution online that would not give you the best service. At social ignite, we have a digital asset management system tool that is worth trying.

Benefits of getting your digital asset management system from social ignite tool

Cloud planner

Visual cloud planner feature of this tool helps you to plan your social media in advance with our visible cloud planner, and have it run all on its own with our innovative social content calendar. We understand that keeping track of your social media posts has never been easier, even when managed by multiple people, and that’s why we have this tool for you.

Good user interface

Digital Asset Management

Social ignite helps you to intuitively search, filter and scroll through your assets and easily view useful thumbnails using the DAM system.


Use our DAM system to put your digital assets in use for creative projects, reports, and sales materials. This will also help you to be more productive since our DAM product cooperates well with most of the software you will implement with your marketing team.

Flexible metadata

Digital Asset Management

Our DAM metadata structure is very flexible to help you organize your assets effectively. It will ensure that you achieve a well-organized library by automating and streamlining your metadata collection and enabling you to define your customs fields.

Waste reduction

Our DAM system is going to give you a digital repository for documents and files. This will help you to reduce material paper waste in your office. This also reduces the amount of physical space that your company would have otherwise required to house lots of documents.


Digital asset management comes with automated assistant that will keep you upto date for all your social media activity. Keep watch over your brand 24/7 with social ignite digital asset management tool. Click this link for more information.