Social media listening commonly known as social media monitoring is the process through which you identify and asses what is being said about your company, product, and services or brand of your business on the internet. Having an active Social Listening Tool, you can be sure to save time, money and effort.

Most business depends on vast amounts of unstructured data produced from the conversations for decision making. Therefore, it is vital to set your goals in regards to social media listening initiative.

So, does your business need social listening?

Social listening helps to give your business a great opportunity of access to massive amount of online conversations, which keeps you set with the online discussions that matter to your line of business in real time. With the right tools, social listening can be one of the essential sources of insights from the audience and potential customers at large. It provides you with a sufficient amount of metrics that help you adjust your social media strategies and understand people interested in your product.

Key Benefits Of Social Listening

Helps you to monitor the growth of your brand

A Social Listening Tool helps monitor growth saving money

Sometimes you may find yourself on the crossroad where your brands are facing scandals. This may seem normal with most of the business, but at the same time, such incidents can cause a wave of negativity to plague your social media platform. It is ok to ignore a couple of negative comments here and there, but it can be challenging if the negative comments seem to outweigh the positive ones.

Fortunately, social listening helps you to monitor and analyze the recent incident. By carrying out some research, you will see if the rise in negative comments has negatively impacted your business regarding followers or sales. This will eventually help you to determine if the issue has no lasting effect or if you need severe measures in response.

Measure your customer care performance

A Social Listening Tool helps measure your customer service care

Social listening helps you to monitor your team’s success by tracking key metrics such as average response time from your team. It will enable you to see which of your community managers are on top of their game so that you share their accomplishments with the rest of the team as a motivating factor. It analytic feature helps you to evaluate your incoming and outgoing direct messages. Plus, it ensures that your community is getting the best service possible with automated reports that are sent directly to your inbox.

Helps in identifying social media influencers and advocates

Influencers are one of the essential experts to connect with your business. Tracking your industry’s social conversation will give you an insight of who the vital influencers are.  Great influencers have a massive influence on how their followers and fans feel about your business or even competitors.

On the other hand, you will also find people who are genuinely in love with your products and are saying good things about your service on social media. These are called brand advocates. Therefore, social listening helps you to research and reach out on them for collaborations.

Improve your social engagement

With social listening, you are access to tons of opportunities such as engaging in conversations about your products and services. This could be anything to do with the customer service request or someone reviewing your products.

Generates new leads

Social listening also helps you to identify those people who are asking questions about your industry. This makes you find great leads that you can nature into potential customers. By reaching out to your audience and making new connections, it will help you establish your brand as the best resources to your clients when it comes to their purchase decision.

Watching competitors

Social Listening Tool to watch competition

Keeping an eye on your competition can help you to learn what works well and what is still not perfect with your brand. Without competitive analysis, can’t get the full picture of what is going on in the market.

Competitive analysis can work best if you monitor the names of your rivals, their products, and how they market them. Drill down to their customer service and be the first to engage with these mentions. Social listening will help you on each stage you exercise about your competitor’s analysis.

Make a better product

Business is driven by demand. People put their money only into the things they like. This may look obvious; however, for some reason, many companies are still ignoring the fastest, easiest way to find out what people want.

With social listening, you can investigate the number of people who love your products. People who like your brand will always talk good things about it. They will tweet, post their experience and also inquire where they can buy your products. Social listening will help you see where the demand is and create new products for the market.

Getting ready for social listening

Before incorporating the social listening initiative to your social media, you need first to know and understand the tools you are going to use. Second, you have to decide what you want to listen for. Using social media listening tools, you will learn the kinds of keywords and topics that people tend to use when they talk about your product and services. You will also be able to understand the kinds of insights that are helpful for your business.

Social listening tools

  1. Review tracker
  2. Talkwaker
  3. Audiense
  4. Brandwatch
  5. Mentionlytics

Social listening tips

Some of our best pick tools that will help you in launching your social media listening include;

  1. Identify and understand why people are talking about your products and services in all your social media platforms.
  2. Learn from your competitors by listening to what people are saying about them.
  3. Collaborate with other teams like social media marketing team, brand advocates and social influencers.
  4. Learn from your metrics


These days, almost every business discover their brand by hearing about it from other people. This shows that word-of-mouth marketing is increasing to be essential to every company. You can see it because the majority of consumers who enjoy their experience with a particular brand are likely to recommend it to others. Having the right tools at hand will help you gather useful information that will be critical in your decision making as far as your ROI is concerned.