One of the critical components of any app strategy is to have a central, comprehensive and sound marketing plan that taps into the many avenues for building awareness to the audience which can drive to massive traffic by increasing the number of downloads and encouraging sharing. This brings the question: what are the best distribution channels for app marketing and where should I promote my app?

So, as an app marketer, what are some of the best distribution channels for app marketing?

Answering this question will largely depend on your marketing strategies and goals. However, with the increasing mighty of the internet era, the good news is that promoting your app can be done in a matter of seconds to reach a large audience. Therefore, this post provides a list of the best marketing channels for app marketing.

These channels include;Social Media Channels

With the massive reach of social platforms, social media is another essential marketing channel to promote a two-way communication between you and your potential app users. It gives an excellent laboratory in which to test accessibility and acceptance of a new product. Some of the common social media channels used for app promotions include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Let’s see how we can benefit from each:

Promoted Tweets

This social media giant gives you a great way of sending promoted tweets to your targeted audience, including those who don’t follow your twitter profile. Users can see these tweets on their timeline as well as  their search engine results. Twitter also allows you to target their users based on the accounts they follow making your promoted tweet reach not only the right audience but a large number of targeted audience. 

In addition to this, you can market your app through Twitter Cards. This feature enables Twitter users to download your app directly from the tweet. All you need to do is to include footer tags in your markup. Then, when the copy of a tweet includes any app content, the user will see a ‘Get the App’ link to download your app directly.


Facebook is another big player of social media where you can promote your mobile app and reach out to lots of people. You can choose to promote the app on your Facebook page by creating facebook groups, pages and also on your timeline. However, coming up with a specific page for your app can do a great job too.

Alternatively using Facebook’s targeted ad tools allows you to target a specific audience based on gender, age, location as well their page likes to encourage them downloading your app as well as social sharing. 


Create nice screenshots and short videos of your app and upload them on YouTube. This will enable users to experience deeper interaction. Watching an app in use can much entice your audience and increase their appetite to learn more. Get a great designer who can create an interesting video for you and be sure the video is translated in the right languages in case you are targeting a global audience.


If you’re looking for another low-cost way to boost your mobile app marketing and build brand awareness at the same time, start using Quora today. Quora is simply a question and answer based communication platform where people ask questions and they get answers.

Some few tips on how you can use Quora for your app marketing include:

  1. Find topics that are relevant to your app and answer them. Provide a call-to-action link where people can download your app.
  2. Structure your answers well to drive traffic to your mobile app
  3. Create unique and honest answers to the questions that people are asking
  4. Create an impressive and brilliant bio and also include clickable links on it
  5. Save time by answering questions with your existing content

We will discuss the pros and cons of Using Social Media For Your Mobile App Marketing


  • Friendly cost
  • High ROI
  • Superfast
  • Reach a large audience in a small time interval
  • Comes with advanced tools that are easy to use


  • Time-consuming
  • Risk of negative publicity which may slow down your marketing campaigns

NOTE: Social media marketing platforms give you a great way of researching hashtags, engaging with your potential users, crafting quality content as well as analyzing performance. However all these may appear as time-consuming, but if you do them properly, social media can become one of your best product marketing channels.

Family Members & Friends

promoting your app between friends and family

The easiest way to start promoting your mobile app is taking advantage of the free and readily available market – friends and family. Encourage them to download, rate and review your app.

Genuine reviews and ratings are the core of the app when it comes to promotions. They directly influence your app’s assurance quality. Therefore, first-hand people to give you real ratings and reviews are your friends and family members.


  • Low cost
  • Very easy to do
  • Generate general results (regarding reviews)
  • Low scale
  • High return on investments (ROI)


  • Limited audience reach
  • Can take time to reach your target number


promoting via direct advertising

When you are ready to scale your app out to the users, it’s time to start running some television ads. Advertising is very essential for scaling. The more you can invest your resources in advertising, the better results your campaigns will attract.


  • High return
  • Reach more audience


  • More expensive

Celebrity Features & Endorsements

promoting by using celebrities

Endorsements from public figures like movie stars, TV/radio presenters and singers can also provide an excellent channel for promoting your mobile app. However, this choice can be extremely expensive. Be sure to research on your target celebrities to ensure that they have the number on their social media channels.


  • Very efficient method
  • Yield high return
  • Large scale


  • Very expensive
  • Some public figures may not be influential
  • Requires in-depth research on your chosen celebrities

TV Ads

advertising by using tv ads

While not every developer may have the budget to choose this style of marketing, TV advertising campaign has proven to do fantastic work for the success of a new app promotion, especially when implementing this kind of strategy just before your big launch day in the app stores.

Timing is essential with this method, particularly in a rapidly moving industry like mobile gaming, and Television Advertising which enables developers to reach their target audience at the ideal moment.


  • Medium to high return
  • Rech large audience
  • Large scale


  • High cost
  • Reachable to only people with TV sets

Email Marketing

advertising by using email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most top converting channels. This is because users must actively sign up and thus qualify themselves as interested in your product to be added to your email campaign list.

However, this method may involve costs and scale limitations – collecting emails and building your list, whether pulling from your own contacts, signing users up from your website or getting them through an email ad campaign onTwitter or Facebook.


  • Easy to build your organic email list
  • High return


  • Requires users to sign up to access your marketing campaign
  • Small scale
  • Requires high cost


advertising by blogging

When it comes to promoting your mobile app, content marketing through blog writing is also one of the most effective choices you can make to position yourself as an app industry expert and spread the word about your products. Incorporating a blogging strategy to your marketing mix can help you to reach a large number of new audiences and boost organic traffic through search engine optimization.


  • Easy and fast
  • High returns
  • Large audience reach


  • You must update your blog regularly to drive traffic
  • Blog marketing can take a long time before showing satisfactory results.

Search Engine Marketing 

Amazing search engine marketing tools like Google Adwords is another best option for your mobile app. Google Adwords allows you to focus your campaigns on a particular target audience by customizing keywords and ads, based on your app ID and other essential information. 


  • You can track your install easily
  • Reach to a large audience
  • Give a high return


  • It may be expensive to run, but it is worth your budget.

Being Featured by the Play Store, App Store or Recommended Sites

finally, advertising by being featured by well known outlets like the plat store or app store

Getting a feature spot as an “App of the Day” can quickly boost your app into a great success. Being featured on already established sites, such as App of the Day comes with lots of advantages as users already trust these sources to deliver the best apps. This will increase your chances of developing a solid base of users with high lifetime service.


  • Requires low cost
  • High scale
  • Yield high rate of investments

Press Release

A press release is also one of the best ways you can boost the overall visibility of your mobile app since it gives a better chance to give information about your app to journalists and news outlets. There are plenty of free press release websites, however, you want to make sure that you focus on your target customers so it is worth subscribing to paid premium to achieve this. 

Pay-Per-Install Networks

Pay-per-install (PPI) networks can help to boost your app marketing right from the early stage of your app launch. This gives your audience early attention, which is essential for your app to gain traction and get a higher ranking. The PPI network works by encouraging users to download the app hence increasing your brand awareness. All you need to do is to sign up with the PPI network, then plan your campaign and decide on the ‘cost per install’.  

Your App Itself 

Turning your product into a marketing channel is a highly efficient strategy and requires a low budget. Therefore, encouraging users who use your app to rate and share it with their friends and colleagues is one of the easiest ways you can employ to boost your app’s reach. However, don’t harass or force your users to do this. 


  • Require low cost
  • High ROI


  • It May not be the best option for a start since it has a low scale customer target.

App Giveaways

You can also offer your targeted audience a certain number of free downloads for a limited time. Use GetJar which is providing giveaways support that allows you to offer premium mobile apps with no ads, registrations, or other catches for free during limited promotions. 

Co-Promotional Partnerships

A mutually beneficial partnership is also one of the great ways to market a new app since the overall cost of the venture is reduced when both parties are receiving an effective promotion based on the agreement. However, for this marketing strategy to work well, you need to first identify the kind of partnership that can work well for your style of app, so you are advised to do thorough research before deciding on this option.


  • It requires less budget
  • Gives high returns
  • Reach large audience


  • Getting a partnership that works well with your app may be difficult

App Directory Listing

These are great places where users search for new and popular mobile apps. Sites like Appolicious categorize apps by providing users experience reviews and rankings based on internal analysis. Listing your app on such platforms enables users to install apps directly from there and give instant feedback. Users are also able to share their experience through social media directly from those platforms. 

Localize Your Marketing Campaigns

In marketing, it is essential to identify your target audience and region’s interest in your product. For example, if your primary audience is located in a French-speaking region, it’s important to have your app translated to French so that your audience can enjoy a user-friendly experience. If your app is popular worldwide, then you can have it translated in the most popular languages. Google Translate offers free translation but you may want to use a professional agency to ensure accurate translations.


  • Reach to a large audience
  • No limitation of use since the app targets the right customer
  • High return


  • Professional translation agency option may come with an extra cost

Final Word

These are some of our top list distribution channels available to you as an app marketer for mobile app (both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store). Knowing and understanding how each one of them works can help you determine which marketing channels are best to invest your resources in and accomplish your goals.