Getting your fans or audience to engage and stay engaged with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and social media pages is extremely important for your brand value. You may think the hard part is over once you launch these social media pages, but that’s not it. Engaging your audience in your updates and making them want more is the tricky part. But, how do you do it? This article focuses on various ways to help you enhance your social media pages to increase your visibility in the audience’s news feed and improve your brand value.

1. Use Attractive topics for your blog posts

Attractive titles are significant for an audience to read your blog. Your fans see a lot of shared blog posts in their news feed, and if yours does not stand alone, they’ll scroll past it without a second glance. So, always keep a quirky title that’ll make the readers curious and will want them to open it and read. You can even mention the highlights of your blog content which will rekindle their interest even more. Preparing titles ahead of time is usually a tip that is generally often recommended in these situations. Using SocialIgnite, you can gain a better idea of how to make attractive titles and prepare them ahead of time.

2. Host Contests

When there is a reward or a giveaway, people tend to get excited. So, if you are planning to promote a new product or brand, run a contest on your social media page. It will attract a great crowd of almost everyone likes to try their luck. For instance, you can run a game where the person who reposts or retweets your video or blog the maximum, will get the reward. But make sure to announce the contest’s winner on your page to attract more attention. Furthermore, promoting and running games can be a pain, mainly when conducted across multiple channels (read: social pages), using SocialIgnite you can coordinate your efforts on a single page and distribute it efficiently across all your channels.

3. Conduct Polls/Surveys

Polls and Surveys have proven to very helpful in knowing the audience’s opinion. If you want to know what the audience will like more, you can conduct a poll or survey. You can ask a question-related to your services or your blogs. For instance, if you run a restaurant, you can ask them what their favorite dish is or what they like the most about the restaurant. When the audience shares their personal experiences, it’ll be genuine and can be a significant boost to your brand value and services.

4. Use Click-through

If you want your fans/audience to view your application or website, use click through in the posts you share. It will move your fans to your Application. To do this, you’ll have to post something creative that will automatically make the audience to navigate to your website. You can post App only deals which have proven to be very efficient. You can also give them loyalty points if they help in adding more customers.

5. Be Attentive and encourage feedbacks

Nowadays, it has become common for the fans/ audience to provide feedback. If they provide you with positive feedback, always respond them. It will help to connect with them. Also, if they have any queries or issues, make sure you return immediately. It will build trust. Also, if any customer retweets or mentions your product in their post, make sure you leave a positive comment.

Thus, in a nutshell, no matter which social platform you use, you have to put tremendous effort and be more creative to engage your audience and make them want more. It’s essential that you make it easy to understand how your service will benefit.