The internet is increasingly becoming crowded today than it was some few years back. This means that if you are not going to write new and exciting content then, as a blogger,  it is apparent that you are not going to attract many visitors. If your site is full of recycled contents, readers and search engines will always prefer and favor an original source.

Why fresh content for your site?

To keep your audience informed and updated

One of the good reasons to update your social media with valuable content is to keep your current subscribers updated, as well as provide vital information for the new audience to convert to potential customers. By keeping your audience engaged, you develop long-term loyalty, which translates into huge traffic that adds tremendous value to your channels.

For frequent indexing

Fresh content = frequent indexing. Therefore, the more frequently you update your social media platforms or site with articles, downloads, and new web pages, the more frequently a search engine visit and favor your website.  This gives you an opportunity to achieve higher rankings based on the content you provide on your pages.

Fresh content increases your authority potential

Every blogger strives to become the internet “authority” in Google’s eyes. The fundamental strategy to becoming an authority site is by abiding by the SEO motto – content is king. Therefore, the more informative and valuable content you can frequently publish that pertains to your industry, the higher authority potential your site enjoys.  

So, what is the secret for having fresh content for your social media platforms?

We understand that creating fresh content every day can be a challenge to most bloggers. However, coming up with new, original content is still very possible. Fresh content will not only attract more readers to your blog but also rank your page high. Having fresh content is a better way of attracting readers especially those who have been on the game for a while.

Below is a comprehensive guide on the secret to generating fresh content ideas for your social media page.

Ways to create completely fresh content

Follow the news

Every time a social network open its doors, it is an excellent opportunity for you to cover a story that no other blogger has ever written about before. This will give you a good chance to write a fresh article on existing social media networks every time they update or releases a new feature. If you stay updated to the news, every time they bring something out, be it Facebook or Twitter, it will give you a chance to write a fresh article before anyone else.

Ask your followers questions

Social media provides a great platform to seek opinions. Posing questions to your followers is also one of the best ways to know what they like so that you gather resources for what you should deliver. Ask them what they feel about your products and suggest some of the things they want or expect more from your brand.

Engaging your audience like this gives them a sense of being valued while supplying your business with critical customer data that will help you come up with fresh topics for your content. In addition to this, be sure you follow up your questions with actions. Also, launch new products a result of data gathered from your users and audience. Again, it helps foster a positive customer experience and also maintains an organic dialogue with your followers and potential customers.

Ways to get fresh content from old ones

So you don’t have new content. Don’t worry. You can still make fresh content from your previous posts. This is how you can make it;

Turn a blog post into a podcast

Did you know that you can tweak and record an old blog post and offer it as a podcast? Yes. This is a pretty easy way of converting your old content to something fresh that will attract more audience.

Create an infographic from your previous post

You can mine most significant information from your old posts and use it to create an infographic.

Compile your best old blog posts and turn them into an ebook

You can take some of your best blog posts on a particular topic and compile them into a comprehensive ebook which you use it as a free giveaway to your customers. This will help you to build your list organically.

Share an old blog post with your email contacts

Choose an old blog post that sold well and take an excerpt from there and share it in your newsletter. You can paraphrase the blog post, and add in some new ideas along with statistics to make it more timely and relevant to your contacts. Plus, you can include call-to-action to aid your reader to view full content on your blog.

What’s next?

Your turn! Hopefully, if this guide is followed correctly, it will inspire tons of ideas and help you come up with some excellent fresh posts for your social media pages. In addition to this, when it comes to re-posting of new content, social ignite can also help you in that.

So, why Social Ignite for you?

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