Although in general, people are now getting habituated to look up to Social Media platforms for information on various news or even tracking trending topics, businesses surviving online needs it the most to explore and understand the trending topics across each social Media to utilize it as a marketing tool to reach out to their target audience.

Internet Marketing depends on the increased flow of traffic in the size of the defined target audience. Marketers do this by promoting their services online through social media marketing like Facebook Marketing, Google pay per click Advertisements, Search engine optimization techniques, backlinking, twitter Advertisements, Instagram, Google Plus and others. Increased target audience traffic helps online businesses like e-commerce sites to get more of them on to their page resulting into revenue generation. Tracking trending topics can help you increase the reach of your social media activity.

The Benefit of Tracking Trending Topics on Social Media

Keeping an eye on what’s trending helps the businesses to figure out unfolding events for example, in sports world cup FIFA Semi-Finals and Finals happening and the buzz going around related to the same in various countries and places. Business can use this to promote the brand image, maximize reach, and finally make the customer buy the product of service. For example, IKEA UK tweeted on tweeter saying that they are aware of a small group of fans celebrated the match-winning results in one of their stores. Being both British and Swedish, they were on the edge of their seat during the game and they conveyed ratis’ which means congratulations in Swedish to England team for winning quarterfinals and getting through to semifinals and with this they said they had put one of the favorite dishes of the national fish and chips on offer for just 1 pound. So this is how it can work, as they did on Twitter.

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What about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…?

 Usually done based on various unfolding events on other platforms like Instagram, wherein hashtags work to no small extent for searching the trending related news and happening events. Hashtag also works wonders on twitter as you get to see all the listed items appearing in that particular context the reader is searching search. Not to forget, Google trends are similarly essential for keeping track of the trending topics, and this enables to send the output straight to your email.

Google also has something called as Google news Lab, especially for reporters and correspondents active in journalism to get hold for the hot trending stories. For those who lookup for content creation, Google Correlate’ can be the key tool as this tool helps in reflecting what’s trending and then displaying different words for Journalists to broadcast. If somebody is curious to know what’s trending on the video site, Google identifies trends on YouTube as well.

Convenience meets Quality with Social Ignite

With the growing importance of tracking the trending topics across various Social Media platforms, to promote online business one needs a tool to lookup before launching Social Media campaigns. This tool SocialIgnite is one platform which helps the users, as business and celebrities to search in advance what’s trending up and decide upon scheduling the future campaigns. To attract in the pool the target audience which doesn’t fall in the same business circle, one can keep posting blog’s with hashtags so that when these new potential prospects search with the hashtag, they can quickly reach out for the product or service they are looking.

This tool helps the user to maximise the reach by knowing in advance number of times optimally; one can keep posting or running the Social Media Campaign.