strategic planning process

Can you imagine spending just a few hours to increase traffic on your brand awareness using your social media pages? Achieved merely by putting a proper social media marketing strategic planning process in place. The social media is increasingly turning into a vital part of the digital marketing process making brands’ recognition online incredibly significant.

As a result, many businesses from small to large companies are working towards implementing social media strategies and plans. In this post, I have narrowed down some of the critical steps and benefits of having an active strategic planning process in place.

How to Start The Social Media Strategic Planning Process

1. Creating Your Goal

strategic planning process

The first thing you need to consider in any strategy planning is to identify and understand what you ultimately want to achieve from your marketing efforts. Creating goals that are attainable is vital in the first process of your strategic planning as they help you in preparing and executing the following objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Create a loyal fan page
  • Improve return on investment (ROI)
  • Improve the general performance of your company

2. Schedule Your Content Posts

strategic planning process

Time management strategy is very crucial when it comes to social media marketing strategy and planning. Effective scheduling helps you achieve your goals and missions in the time you have. It enables you to think about what you want to accomplish in a few hours ahead, in a day, week or even in a month.

When done effectively, it can yield a lot of benefits such as:

  • Cheaper operational costs for managing the social media campaign
  • Efficiently posting content
  • Faster distribution of content via social media
  • Higher exposure
  • Efficiently targeting the customers

3. Research Your Audience

Reaching and understanding your audience is the best way to identify their engagement nature in line with your products and services. You will have a broader opportunity to know the type of content they like. It can help you improve your on your brand and general service you are offering.

4. Build ‘High-quality’ and ‘Engaging Content’

strategic planning process

High-quality content is exceptionally vital to your social media marketing strategy. Planning will help you build compelling content that will attract your audience hence increasing traffic to your site. There is also a need to ensure that you only focus on the types of content that are in line with your skills, goals and mission statement. Therefore, consider creating ‘high-quality’ and ‘engaging content’ as the number one priority.

5. Track Your Efforts and Improve

It is also the most important process when you are looking to succeed in your social media channels. No need to rely on old fashion plans such as trial and error’ method. Consider tracking your data, analyze it and then make decisions from your insight.

Benefits of Social Media Strategic Planning

strategic planning process

1. Boost Traffic and your ‘Search Engine Ranking.’

Each social media platform offers an excellent opportunity to connect your company website which can help to generate a massive volume of traffic to your web page. Linking your company site to your social media pages also helps you to make content updates possible without hassle.

The more social media pages your business is connected, the more traffic you will generate. Therefore, having a proper strategic plan in place, with the combination of other SEO efforts will help you to achieve optimal marketing efforts thereby increasing your exposure.

2. Cut Marketing Costs

Can you imagine the cost of traditional marketing? Most people will turn down their appetites when it comes to marketing fees. However, social media strategic planning is one of the most affordable ways to brand your business. With a robust social media strategy and a great expert team in place, your advertising opportunities can significantly grow at a cheap operational cost in your budget.

3. Boosts Your Brand Awareness

Social media platforms give you an excellent opportunity to build and maintain your company’s reputation. Providing your audience with regular quality updates helps to solidify your brand as the persuasive authority. With a proper marketing strategy and plan in place, you find limitless opportunities in identifying and building your company’s loyalty to your targeted audience by strengthening your online presence.

4. Efficiently Posting Content 

There is a need to do long-term content planning to be effective on your social media platform. With the help of a post scheduler, you can prepare for posting for a day, a week or a month. All you need to do is to ensure that your content plan has a good mix of content structure, interesting enough to engage your audience.

5. Efficiently Target Your Customers

Effective scheduling gives you dynamic opportunities to target your customers. Planning posts ahead of time helps you manage multiple accounts hence engaging your target customer without fail.

6. Cheaper Operational Costs for Managing the Social Media Campaign

Some of the challenges associated with digital are the power outage and insufficiency bandwidth to achieve your blogging. However, with effective scheduling, you don’t need to stress about all this. Some scheduler helps you to plan your posts and can do the post without the internet connection.

Faster Distribution of Content via Social Media Scheduling posts in advance helps you manage multiple different accounts from one place. It means that you have myriad options to make your content to circulate faster vial social media platforms.

There are plenty more benefits to adopting a strategic marketing planning process for your business or brand. To efficiently adopt this process, you should look towards using Social Ignite which can seamlessly accomplish the planning for your, and help you accomplish the business planning efficiently.