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Our Goodies Explained...

Image Library

Manage your images with ease, with our smart gallery system, images are deleted or hidden once they are used, so that you can keep a clean and easy to navigate workflow and content management. Along with a tagging system, you can make sure images are tagged for a certain use such as promotions or seasonal events, cutting out all the extra work you would have otherwise spent trying organize your work-area and saving the images locally. Best of all, our gallery is hosted on the cloud, so your images will stay with you regardless where you are, no longer are days of carrying your assets on a usb.

Social Profiles

Every page and profile linked such as Facebook Page, or Twitter Account would count as a single social profile. Social profiles can be personal or business related.

Scheduled Posts

Scheduling content for future posting is easier than ever. Plan your content, and have it run on its own, based on how you see fit or based on how our A.I. assistant recommends. A scheduled post is only considered as such until it is posted, therefore you can prepare to have X posts scheduled at a time. Once the post is public, you may schedule another in its place. Best of all, the scheduled posts continue to be analysed to ensure they are yield the best possible results.

Smart Tag Lookup

Smart Tags (or hashtags) are the driving force behind your content. We find the most relevant and best-performing hashtags to ensure your content gets seen by the right people. Our hashtag lookups use a combination of historical data and current trends to find the best hashtags for future use.

Smart A.I.

A.I. based assistant ensures you get the best and most relevant information presented to you first. Alongside suggesting which times to post at, the smart a.i. is like a friend you can converse with, and in turn get a clearer understanding of your progress and targets. The A.I. would analyze your content even suggesting what keywords are likely to give better success with your fans.

Brand Tracking

Tracking down your brand should be easy, and knowing who likes your content and what people are mentioning should be easier. Which is why we present an easy to use stream of mentions and ensure you can thank your customers while answering their mind-twisting questions, all through a single tool.

Content Moderation

Like, reply and delete comments posted on your wall. Whether you want the process to work automatically or manually, that is your choice. We ensure that your brand’s image can remain intact and provide one of the best automated brand-image remedial tools

Brand Tracking

Track your brand and know the general outlook of your fans based on their mentions and comments. Get a simplified summary of who is happy, and who is sad, and get easy to follow steps to improve your brand’s image.

API Access

Control your pages and integrate SocialIgnite as part of your current workflow. API-Access allows you to complete any action on behalf of your account automated so that you can control your social media brand accounts with ease and not have to deal with every single platform’s own code.