Social media marketing just like regular advertising is a great way to reach a large audience, however, with the former, you won’t spend as much. Instagram has served as a minefield for marketing, you can post videos and pictures of your products, have regular engagements with present customers and increase your clientele. One way to increase the effectiveness of your Instagram page and posts is to implement an Instagram page theme as part of your feed.

It is important to know that to successfully achieve this you need to have a good followership, not necessarily a large one, as with time the number of followers you have will increase. Creating an Instagram page theme would help with this, it not only increases your page’s aesthetics but it immediately tells anyone visiting your page for the first-time what services or products you are offering. Now, people erroneously think an Instagram theme translates to having the same type of pictures on your page, and I say no to that. A theme just gives an over-arching idea about your page. So, let’s say, you want to show that you are into cars or you offer services for automobiles, your Instagram feed should not strictly consist of pictures of cars. You can have pictures of cars and things that can relate to automobiles. Optimize you Instagram by learning how to have an Instagram page theme and here are some ways to create a themed Instagram page.

instagram page theme

Instagram Themed Pictures

This can refer to the color of your pictures, the angles, and editing. Colour here refers to the range of colors of pictures you put up on your page, it is advisable to post pictures that have colors that belong to the same palette. The angle of your pictures is another way to create a theme, some pages have pictures that are only taken from an elevated angle. With editing, it may be easier to ignore this but it helps in creating a theme, you can choose to edit your pictures in exactly the same way.


Examples of themes:

  • Black/White only images
  • Portraits of people
  • Landscape photography

instagram page theme

Same Subject

As previously mentioned, having a primary subject immediately tells your followers and people visiting your page for the first time what your posts are about. This helps to boost followership and clientele, as people know immediately where to come to when they need the services you offer. So, flooding your page with inconsistent pictures can affect your theme. Subjects which you can cover can vary, however the general idea should aim to be the same, for example:


  • Travel Instagram Blog (Vacation Pictures, Snow, Forest, etc..)
  • Food Instagram Blog (Vegan recipes, Desserts, etc.)
  • Gym Instagram Blog (Types of exercises)

Ultimately you can even dive deeper into the subject if you choose to, this would all depend on your niche and the fans you wish to attract. We recommend you try to dominate a certain field such as chocolate desserts, or even vegan desserts only to gain the most exposure, rather than tackling a whole niche which may prove to be difficult (more detail would be discussed in the future).



Themed captions are a great way to go when creating a themed Instagram page, you can have fun stories about your pictures or very important information. You can also have different captions for various days of the week, this way you give your followers something to look forward to.


Ideas for captions:

  • Use quotes by famous poets
  • Tell a story on how a picture came to be
  • List out important information (e.g. A dance page lists out the title of music from the video)

You should also check out this campaign tool for Social Media, SocialIgnite, to track your engagements and peak periods. This will help you properly plan how to post your pictures. Having a scheduled campaign enables your followers to know when you are going to post a picture.

Combining a themed Instagram page with a campaign tool is guaranteed to boost your sales and give you the best out of the social media marketing experience.