Nowadays, the average internet user is spending enough time in a day on social media. This shows the essential role that social media is playing in the daily lives of today’s internet users. Meanwhile, knowing how much time you should spend on social media marketing, will help you set goals and achieve them effectively.

With the same token, as the influence of social media continue to increase, social media can also be a complete drain on your social media marketing resources if you use it in a wrong way. Therefore, we need to look for ways of spending the least amount of time on social media and get the best possible results.

However, we also need to understand that some factors will influence the time you are going to spend on social media to skyrocket your business.

Factors Influencing Your Social Media Time?

Your innovation initiatives

If you are planning to introduce new technologies in your business, it is certain that you are going to spend a lot of time searching for ideas online. You don’t want to fix something that may plague your business with a negative response. As a result, you will set a good time for research, which may consume an adequate amount of your time.

The size of your business

What is the size of your business? Small Business Enterprises tends to be at a young age of innovation. They may, therefore, spend a lot of time online doing intensive research.

On the other hand, big business may require small time online regarding researching for ideas for innovation since they have experienced and well tested innovative tools in their system.

Similarly, large corporations can have multiple social media managers working around the clock, while smaller shops may only dedicate a few hours to their social media efforts.

Your marketing planning and strategies

Who is your target audience and how do you plan on reaching each one of them effectively with relevant content and messaging? How can you measure your strategy? If your business has a successful social media marketing strategies, this means that it can only be possible with an organized social media plan that can be used to spend less time online.

Your customer service and engagement performance

Current customers are increasingly shifting to social for brand engagement, but lots of the messages they send to brands go unanswered. If your business has an excellent customer service and engagement performance, it will utilize the minimum time available to bring out the best results.

So, how much time should social media marketing take each week?

Regarding some of the factors that influence your online availability, it is certain that there is no exact formula for deciding how much time to spend on your social media platforms. What matters is to test and see what will work for you. To answer this question better, we are going to break it down into specific questions and see what time you should take for a particular marketing strategy and why. Let’s have a look.

How much time should engaging with customers take?

Approximately, 35% of your online time should be spent on customer engagement. Engaging both existing and new customers is essential to any business as it helps to handle their queries as well as identifying new opportunities.

Why customer engagement is important

  • Understand your customers’ needs and expectations.
  • Acquire new customers through word of mouth marketing.
  • Discover factors that encourage your customer to your products.
  • Increase product retention and identify up-sell opportunities.
  • Enhance brand loyalty and your company’s reputation.

How much time should you take researching and implementing marketing strategies?

You should take at last 25% of the time for researching and planning for the upcoming campaign.

Do you understand your market well? In order to effectively leverage all the opportunities that come on your way, you need to spend enough time researching everything from your market, your social networks, and emerging modern tools that are arising every day.

Equally, you need to invest time setting your goals, identifying effective platforms to employ, what type of content to create and much more. This is the reason why you need to take time building a unique strategy for each social media campaign.

How much time should you take for creating and editing content?

This is also one of the essential parts of your marketing strategies. In order to generate leads to your business, you should spend 20% of your time coming up with creative content that keeps your audience engaged.

How much time should you take on analytics?

Many people would think that they don’t need time to carry out their analytics. It is vital for every business person to analyze their past performance. This will help them see and monitor what is working and what is not working. This data is helpful in decision making in your social media strategy moving forward.

How much time should you take for team collaboration?

When it comes to marketing, everything will run smoothly if you are taking at least 10% of your time collaborating with your marketing team. This includes everyone from your social media influencers, your brand advocates and your social media sales team. Make sure to delegate some of your time to discuss the possible benefits social media can have on their daily workflow, and then, moving forward, you can discuss campaigns that could prove fruitful for both parties.

How much time should you take to rest?

Social media can be very overwhelming in a way that you can get yourself lost in the game. That’s why you need the remaining 10% of your time on social media marketing. Give yourself time to relax from online however much it may look exciting and fun. This will help you to gather full concentration when you come back to promote your business on social media.

Final Word

No matter how much time you do decide to spend on your social media channels, you need to determine how to allocate your time to make sure that you are working as efficiently as possible to produce maximum results. The good part of real-time social media marketing is that it can be a powerful tool for your business when done well.