If we go a few years back, we see that people had a little to no idea on how to earn and monetize through Instagram. But not anymore, it is an open secret now, and every Instagram user wants to be an influencer in a particular community or niche. Figuring out whether you are looking to monetize your Instagram may be the first thing you think about when you launch your first Instagram page. On the flip side, you might also have a successful page but have no idea how to make money from it. Instagram is not only a social media where you can express your interests but also can turn your interests into a medium of earning money. The first question that pops up in mind is how to get sponsored on Instagram?’


The sponsor’s perspective

Let’s start by looking at it in the perspective of a client (or sponsor). As a business owner, if you were searching to sponsor an influencer on Instagram, you would most likely look for a page in the same niche as you! But not only that, but you are also looking at the most return for your money, and this is where gaining an active fan base is essential. An active fanbase can be a great asset to have since you have the potential to convert many of these fans into paying clients. Therefore, prospective sponsors are always looking for an active page, and not meeting that requirement, may make your page not be desired.

So lets first, pick a niche…

Instagram for food bloggers

Instagram for food bloggers

Before you start posting on Instagram, you have to think and make a plan of action to stay ahead of those who are just posting pictures and videos with hashtags and locations without considering the real implication of this stuff. Instagram for food bloggers is a significant trend these days, and there is a lot of scope by gathering the audience interested in food and exploring different food places all around the world. It does not matter if you are a giant on Instagram or just a micro influencer. Micro influencers usually have less number of followers, but it does not mean that they cannot get a sponsored post, because our marketers have analyzed that business owners not only look on the number of followers now but also the quality of people who are engaged to a particular Instagram account. It means that if you have a small figure of followers, but there is a higher chance of turning into a potential customer out of them, marketers would be more interested in your account. Further, working with a popular Instagram account would decrease the overall return of investment because the sponsored post would charge more than usual and if that account has not engaged audience properly that could turn out to be a disaster.


How to be an influencer and monetize?

It is an easy thing to understand but a tough job to implement because it requires consistency. The best way to attract business owners to use your account is to fix to a specific interest and post consistently on the topic of quality photos and videos. A particular interest can either be a distinct topic such as foods (e.g., Food – Chocolate Desserts) or even a specific location of interest (e.g., Hawaii). The first technique of marketing is to present the best thing, which means you have to give the best through the quality of your posts. Your primary focus should be on the quality as that will determine the growth in fans that your page may experience. Meanwhile being consistent ensures that you continue this growth at a faster rate, while also keeping an active fan base.

food brands

Come in sight of brands

It is like achieving your primary target, and that is to make your account prominent enough to come into the eyes of different brands, either old or new. If you have a food lover account, and you are hashtagging correctly, there is a very bright chance that a restaurant would approach you to sponsor their food. Merely tagging the location of a picture will make sure you are insight of people within that area, meanwhile, using hashtags will ensure other people in the same niche see you. For example, if you are marketing a physical location, then tagging that location is highly recommended, otherwise related hashtags are most likely better. A mix of both will most likely yield the best results. Otherwise, you will need your best judgment about which is better. Always remember that it is not the number of posts that matter but the quality that would make you different from others.

Get help from social media tools

It is a real challenge to start from the scratch. Social Ignite offers a scheduling and statistics tracking that would help you to get the desired results efficiently. It would assist you how often and what kind of content you need to post to increase the engaged audience out of your followers. Simply put, we cut out all the tedious work, to get you the results you want, fast.