Business Plan

As with all businesses, a plan gives our clients an idea of where this business is heading to and what our next steps are. This is meant to be as a guideline for us, but shared to promote transparency.


Soft Launch of Beta... (September, 2017 - May, 2018)

The website is to be soft-launched in beta form during January 2018. As such, the beta will not have all the features promised, however serve as a proof of concept.

The following aspects will be focused on:

Main Technical Features:

  1. Scalability via AWS
  2. Scheduled posting (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn)
  3. Statistics monitoring (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram)
  4. Page Moderation (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn)
  5. AngularJS/AngularUI for Frontend (Single Page Application)
  6. Backend using NodeJS (HapiJS)

Business Features:

  1. Color Scheme/Design of Logo & Website
  2. Building the static portion of the website ( along with design and content
  3. Focus on SEO & Marketing Efforts
  4. Freemium Model


Hard Launch Of Beta... (June, 2018 - January, 2019)

This milestone should represent the launch of the tool in beta status. During this period, most of the functionality of the tool should already be accessible and available, the goal is to ensure everything runs smoothly and also add some more features to enhance the experience.

The following aspects will be worked on:

  1. Ensuring backend-systems function as expected, while also optimizing where possible
  2. Additions:
    1. Image replies to comments
    2. Detailed statistics with analysis provided
    3. Provide suggested hashtags based on niche
    4. Contest hosting (e.g. giveaways)
    5. Add ability to post videos to pages


Official Launch... (January, 2019 >)

At this stage, the tool will be launched fully and publically. Additions will be less likely (unless required), furthermore at this stage an analysis of the business will be conducted to determine the next stages. We just currently wanted to outline our future plan to ensure you that we have a certain idea where we would like to head. 

Bonus reading material

Interested in being a part of the business?

We are always loooking for people and businesses to help us out push forward, if you are interested, drop us a line and we will get back to you within 2 business days.