To have a successful content marketing on your social media, it is essential to know who your customers are and which social networks they spend their time on. Your business may have the best brand on the market and/or provide the perfect service, but this does not guarantee your online content to have an impact unless it is pitched to ideal audience. And this doesn’t even matter how persuasive or engaging your content is.

Should you create your content first, and then try to identify an appropriate market? Do you even know where your target audience hang out online? If you are still struggling to answer these questions, then this article is for you. We have a comprehensive guide that will help you to connect with your customers on social media. Read on to know more.

Why Knowing Your Ideal Customer Is Crucial in Content Marketing

First and foremost, social media, audiences, and content marketing are all connected. Therefore, building a live audience online can be a challenge especially when you do not invest in understanding the communities on each of your social media platforms separately and across the platforms as a whole. As a digital marketer, you have to know your target audience inside and out. And this one can only be done by data-based audience research.

So, How Can You Find Your Target Audience Using Social Media Channels?

If you want to attract more audience to your channel, you need to find out who your social media target audience is and go there to market to them. The following are tips that can help you successfully accomplishing this.

Identify your ideal audience

Find Your Target Audience With Social Media by first identifying them

With the advanced technology sprouting each day and night, social media marketing is clogged with “build content people like” pieces of advice. For most cases, the audience doesn’t really get their target content online. This is despite the scary fact that other social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook listen to real-life conversations.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your business has the right target of the audience on social media.

Asking yourself the following questions can help you to seek out your ideal audience:

  1. What age groups do you reach?
  2. What is their average income?
  3. Do they have shared values?
  4. Who is your ideal customer?

These questions will help you see a clear picture of who your ideal customers should be.

What about the platforms?

Find Your Target Audience by knowing which platforms to target

Are you sure you are investing in marketing efforts on the right channel? You have to be sure you are creating content for the platform where your target audience hangs out most of their time. However, this kind of work deserves detailed and extensive research.

You have to survey different social media channels and find out where your target audience is spending the most amount of time.

Identify the size of the audience.

Find Your Target Audience size, to get a clearer idea of your market size

The numbers come in handy because you need them to succeed. Research is necessary here. Try and find out the number of people in the various online channels. Statistically, Facebook has the highest number of audience at 2.23 billion who log in each month. Twitter comes in second with 326 million followers a month. Instagram has a billion audience as of 2019.

You can now have a rough estimate of where you are likely to have your target audience. When you clearly analyse the numbers, you will have a clue on what to do. It is good to know the exact size of the audience. This will make you make the right decision on the proper platform.

Use the online features to get the target audience.

This strategy will be of benefit because you will find all the people you need. The search function is the best to see all customers. It can range from hobbies and interests. Social media platforms have made it easy to get what you need within a short time. This enables you to know who to engage with after finding them.

You can be able to introduce yourself to your audience through advertising. These ads will create web traffic; hence you will have gained followers.

Evaluate the audience

After you have known who your audience is and the size, you can narrow down to a quick survey. You can come up with a set of questions to achieve this. The questionnaire will have some quizzes to accomplish the goal. The items should be short and precise. They should help you derive the correct responses possible. You will need to ask the respondents which site they like the most. You will also ask if they love to read content online. When you get your answers, you can gauge the audience. If they love to read blogs, you have an audience already. With the evaluation, you have a crystal mind of what to expect.

Establish a connection with the audience

By now you need to reach out to the clients. You can do this with an email link that will help you communicate with them. They can be the followers you already have or new ones.  You can also do face to face communication with the customers. Afterwards, you can inform them about your email address and find them online.

When you have a great way of talking to them, you will get more insights and ideas. You can find them in groups or as individuals. The most effective way is through groups because it has a good number of people. With the right searches online, you will link them to your page. Getting to connect with them gives room for knowing each other.

The audience will know that you exist and what services or products you offer. Sites like Facebook will allow you to create a custom audience. It will make you get the audience that matches your line of work.

Write the appropriate content for the customers.

This is an essential step to maintain your audience. The content should be interesting enough. It should catch the eye and ear of the intended person. When you have the correct message to enjoy, you will attract many people. Many customers will hit the share and like button. In no time, your webpage will have maximum traffic. What you post determines what you achieve. The nicer the posts, the more the comments. The words should also be the right ones.

Ask yourself some questions to attain this. For instance;

  • Is the information beneficial?
  • Does it have all the required details?

You need to spend a substantial amount of time creating content. Don’t be in a rush to do something that will not appeal to the clients. Take your time and come up with the best message. It will help you gain more customers.

Have a look at your competitors

There are many people in the market offering the same service as you. So, you can find out what they are doing best. You can borrow a thing or two from their methods. You can now employ practices to attract more clients. Your competitors can also help you know what you are doing wrong. You might be posting lengthy descriptions or not using the correct visuals. Learning from them keeps you ahead of them. The approaches they are using will steer you forward in the right direction.

Share your brand through a webinar.

You can also advertise yourself by hosting a webinar. This will make you share your expertise with the audience. They will get to know about all the details. It can be in the form of what you are good at and how you intend to deliver the services. This can be a way of attaining more customers. You will get a chance to share your social media connections. They can follow you and get the services offered.

The webinar is also interactive, and it shows how committed you are to your clients. The audience will be able to experience first-hand information from you. Getting the right message from you will boost your sales. They will know exactly what you are offering.

Give discounts or free samples to your followers.

You can get the audience of your choice through discounts. By giving away some products, you will understand and retain them. You only need to make it a requirement that they need to follow you. When they follow you, they can enjoy the privileges. This will make you and your client happy. It will be a win-win situation. You will get the audience, and they will experience the products at reasonable prices. By making it a condition for them to follow you to gain some benefits, you are guaranteed of increase in their numbers.

The offers will also make the clients realise how valued they are. They will, therefore, want to stick with you for a long time. They will appreciate the value of money.

Provide feedback to your audience

It is essential to respond to questions from your customers. The audience gets satisfied when they get answers regarding what bothers them. They might be having concerns about your product or service. When you give feedback, they feel a sense of importance. You will get more customers if you are reachable. Providing a way forward in case of any problem will help you acquire other clients.

When you treat your customers right, you will get more of them. You will get other recommendations from friends and also relatives. When they give the right word about you, it means that you will get more customers. Your client base will then expand as a result of this. As you find more people your business will grow. If some areas need to be improved, you should make sure to attend to them.


To find your target audience, you need proper research and analysis. You should know the websites that they spend a lot of time in. Analysing what others are doing in your field is also paramount. By evaluating your supposed customers, you will get them in no time. As you connect with the audience, make sure you know all their likes and dislikes. Sometimes you need to have other approaches that will attract more customers effortlessly. A little patience is, however, required as you find them.