View and respond to the most important conversations quickly, all prioritized by our smart a.i. assistant. Never miss an important conversation ever again.

Ember ensures your engagement is optimized and helps you make the most of engaging with fans. Whether you are looking to monitor, engage or moderate. Ember helps you build ever lasting meaningful relationships with your fans.


Ember helps with

Priority Conversations
Page Moderation
Engagement Analysis

Community Management
Has Never Been Easier

With a few simple tips and changes using our A.I. based personal assistant, you can make your brand stand out and reach more fans and generate more leads.

Priority Conversations
Never Miss A Message

Get prioritized conversations placed conveniently on your dashboard so that you can engage and maintain your relationship with them, quickly and easily.

Prioritized by our proprietary technology explained here.

Page Moderation
Keeping A Positive Image

Delete, hide and ban users from posting on your business page, whether the function exists on the platform or not. We handle it automatically for you.

Engagement Analysis
Recognizing Fans Opinions

Get an analysis of your fans’ comments and mentions, knowing whether they are happy or sad, all summariized so you can look at the big picture.