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Based out of Canada…

Social Ignite was created after the frustration of having to deal with different social medias, without any guidance for small business owners. 

After all, small businesses may not have the budget for specialized social media services, but why should they be left out from the extra publicity? Social media ties directly to the business image and products offered.  



Our goal was to make it easy to understand and improve the public perception of your brand. Best of all, as you continue to scale, we scale with you. Our guidance is applicable to small and large social media followings, and is unique to every social media page.

The Team Behind Social Ignite...

Ember - Personal Assistant

Samer Alsayegh

General Manager
An avid ping-pong player and web-development fanatic.
Ember - Personal Assistant

Aws Ayman

Ember - Personal Assistant

Joyce Alsayegh

Ember - Personal Assistant

Mustafa Ameen