Social media has provided an incredible opportunity for most of the companies to market their brands and reach more users across the globe. However, not all marketing strategies work the same for every platform and brand. That’s why it’s vital to monitor your social media channels to know if your marketing efforts are paying off and understand what’s working and what’s not working. A social media audit will help you achieve this. Today, we are going to show you ways to perform a social media audit for your business that will aid you to measure the value of your channels. However, before that, what is a social media audit, and most importantly how can it be tailored to a business page?

What is a Social Media Audit?

Social Media Audit

A social media audit is a detailed analysis of what is working, what’s not working and taking the appropriate steps needed over your social media channels. If you have a business Facebook page, a Twitter account, and other platforms, an audit is very fundamental for you. It will help you know where you are standing and what needed to improve and compliment your efforts on your channels.

What are the Ways to Perform a Social Media Audit?

Sometimes, measuring the health status of your social media can be challenging, especially if you’re a newbie marketer or business owner. However, contacting this exercise comes with lots of benefits which improve your performance on various platforms. Below are some of the ways to perform a social media audit. Let’s look at them

1. Create a Social Media Audit Spreadsheet

excel sheet

For easy monitoring of your activities, you need a dedicated place to store all the data that will help you in the analysis of your operations. Creating a spreadsheet is an excellent way of collecting data and staying organized since you will be gathering much information from all your social media profiles.

Some of the essentials you need to include in your social channel audit spreadsheet are engagement metrics, profile information (name and URL), referral traffic, publishing metrics and, channel-specific metrics.

2. Locate All Your Social Channel Profiles

Social Media Audit

What other social media platforms did you open an account, and you’ve never viewed them again? There are other uncommon platforms like Tumblr and Quora where you need to check your existence. It’s essential to perform a general search for your brand on all social channels to check if there is any unofficial or fake account created under your name by spammers. It will help you avoid having your brand reputation get compromised.

As you locate each account, take note of the ones you find and record on your spreadsheet the essential elements needed like the name of the social media network, its URL, your profile name along with the description, the number of followers and the date of your last activity on the account.

3. Check for Consistency across All Your Social Media

Social Media Audit

Another essential social media audit service is monitoring your presence for consistency across all platforms. How you respond to your Facebook messages, emails, Twitter direct messages and your profile description (‘About Me’) are some of the factors that determine your branding consistency. Your bout Me’ page should speak the
same voice on all your social media platforms.

On top of this, the type of content you share on your social channels will also speak a lot for your consistency. Ensure your contents match your profile practices so that you look organized.

4. Define Your Audience

Social Media Audit

Your social media platform might have different followers from deference demographics and interests. It’s important to compare your target audiences by looking at factors like their interests. Some of the social media platforms help you get audience information like Analytics on Pinterest or Audience Insights on Facebook. Third-party analytics tools like Sprout Social can also provide you with the information you need about your audience.

5. Look for Your Competitors’ Profiles

Social Media Audit

Search for your competitors’ social media profiles and take note of their reviews on you, whether positive or negative. These reviews can impact your customers’ impression of your brand. You can ultimately use this information by customizing your own messaging to fight these reviews.

Benefits to Performing a Social Media Audit?

By analyzing activities on your social media channels, you will be in a high position of making necessary adjustments and evaluating the marketing performance of your brands on social platforms. This guide to performing your version of a social media audit provides you with a great start to making sure your business is at the top of its social media game. As evident by the steps, however, there needs to be a bit of organization done, and plenty of research and this is where Social Ignite shines, in which audience analytics, brand monitoring are done for you, meanwhile, recommendations are straightforward so that you can quickly step up your social media reach efficiently.