Social Media is the best source of businesses to connect with both their audience and potential customers. The primary aim of every company is to interact with consumers on social media, engage them with the brand and finally increase their customer outreach. However, one thing you will have on your mind will be… What are some social media content ideas to make my brand’s page hot?

An effective social media campaign is one with essential marketing strategies for businesses. Plus, social media success does not depend on the number of followers your channels might have. Instead, it relies upon the intensiveness of customer engagement.

Social Media Content Ideas

So, is your content appealing to the audience? How would you inspire a loyalty-driven bond between your followers and your brand in a most engaging manner? Remember every action you take on social media would influence how your consumers would interact with your page; from viewing your content to buying your products and subscribing to your services.

Here are some social media ideas that would help you make your page hot. It’s important to understand that a hot page will influence your audience to interact with your page hence increasing engagement actively:

1. Aesthetics matters, invest your time on it

Hot Social Media Content Ideas with aesthestic content

If you have been navigating through some of the web pages, you will find yourself reading by scanning the pages and picking individual words and sentences.

When it comes to written content, the design and overall look of your page matter, it would be best if you had a pleasing aesthetics on your web page as well as in your print ads. Organizing content in a way that is easily scannable and has a clear eye path will increase your engagement by a significant percentage.

Dividing your content by use of subheaders, breaking up blocks of text, and picking an easily readable style and font will all help your page hot hence readers will engage with your content without hassle.

How To Do It

Here are a few guidelines that would help you to make your page aesthetics:

  • Large Font Headline; use a headline with a large font to highlight one big idea, and if possible, align your heading at the center.
  • Use Sub-headlines; make use of sub-headlines before each paragraph to organize your ideas.
  • Use Small Paragraphs; make small paragraphs of at least after 2-3 paragraphs, each with shorter sentences to keep scanners easy to scan, curious and engaged.
  • Use Inverted Pyramid Structure; to make your content even smarter, consider using an inverted pyramid structure when writing your content. Ideally, this structure involves putting your strong points first then following on with less important points. Place the least last to enable those scanning the content to pick up on the key points quickly.
  • Use Bullet Points; this style simply makes your page fascinated and intrigued to your audience.
  • Make It Funny; If it can work appropriate for your brand, incorporate humor and personality into your social media content.

2. Incorporate images in your posts

Hot Social Media Content Ideas with images and graphic content

One of the most powerful tools you can use to make your social media page hot is to incorporate visual content. Quality images draw the eye and increase the chances that your audience will absorb and interact with your social media posts on any platform.

Evolving channels such as Instagram, Snapcha, and Pinterest have thrived on the power of visual storytelling; therefore, there is a need to develop high-quality images that will draw the attention of the audience.

How To Do It

When it comes to a social media push, your brand has a wide variety of choices to increase social media engagement through visual content. These tips will help you:

  • Include Product Photos; adding quality product photos with unique angle shots can work best. You can consider caption of an employee using the product, or a customer-submitted photo. Remember that images of people using and enjoying your products is always a win. This can work best on channels like Instagram or Pinterest.
  • Behind-the-scenes Product Shots; Photos of your products being manufactured or sourced can also be a sure bet for your page to be hot. You can also share images of new products that are ready for sale.
  • Event Photos and Video; when you have an event, consider sharing your creative process, plus be sure to give a recap of what happened with photos or video.
  • Share a Photo of Your Business, Employees or Office; audience like to connect with real people. They like to know who is behind the brand. Sharing a photo of your workspace, your employees or even your customers makes your business to build trust and relationships. However, make sure to share your employees’ customers’ photo with their permission.

Tip: When creating images incorporate in your content, be sure you are familiar with each platform’s technical rules and best practices. Instagram, for instance, favors square photos. Vertically-oriented images look great on a Snapchat page.

You can also use extra features available on your social media pages such as filters, frames and other essential elements to draw attractive attention to your post.

3. Be part of something big

Hot Social Media Content Ideas with contests and giveaways

Being part of something big is ensuring that you share content that gives people a better sense of who they are and what they care about. Most social media users can benefit from this kind of sharing.

Those who share to give support or to solve a particular issue are already motivated, and only need a slight incentive to pass along related content.

How To Do It

  • Sponsor A Giveaway; most people love free things. Take advantage of this to increase your page’s engagement by boosting the number of your likes, comments, and shares. One way of doing this is by asking your audience to like and share for a chance to win one of your products.

Tip: These posts are most eye-catching when accompanied by a high-quality image of one of your products.

  • Share A Surprising Statistics; whenever possible, use your bits of fact data and statistics that your audience did not know about before. While many people turn to social media to be entertained, this will help to create interest and intrigue them to your page.

4. Create audience polls

Hot Social Media Content Ideas with polls

Involving your followers in polls is one of the best ways of increasing engagement on your social media page. Ask your audience what they think about your products and services. Ask them what they would like to see from you and what you should share in future.

How To Do It

  • Create Multiple Polls; create different polls for the various platforms. Studies show that polls are the best tools for companies to engage and entertain their audience.
  • Include Multiple Choices on Your Poll; consider adding at least two or more choices in the poll for your followers. You can use emojis or witty options to display personality. This will greatly catch the attention of people who visit your page and encourage them to scroll by.

Which Social Media Idea Can Work Best For You?

Social media managers are expected to juggle multiple social profiles and keep them up-to-date with entertaining content. It is not easy.

Your followers can get hungry for boring pages, and you are expected to deliver a pleasing page that will create an enjoyable adventure to your audience when navigating.

Therefore, if your social media page is not as hot as you expected, consider trying out these ideas. Both these tips can turn your page to an extraordinary system that will attract a lot of followers.