4 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Followers

Growing followers on social media pages on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can seem hard since it needs time and effort. As a result, it can be very tempting to buy followers for your page. However, it is not always a right decision to arrive at the concept of purchasing followers in the name of speeding things up. No matter your reason behind your choice, it will bring more harm than good.

Attractive as it may look to go the short and easy way of growing your number, do not buy social media followers. Here are 4 reasons why you should not buy followers for your social media.

They Do Not Add Benefits to Your Company


Buying followers mean you will end up with a significant number of successful fake followers on your social media pages. Ingeniune followers will offer zero engagement to your company as they are a complete set of generated bots with empty accounts following you. They don’t have any interest in your products and services you offer. It will kill your social media marketing effort as you will have no sell transaction with bots.

It’s vital to understand that as far as social media marketing is concerned, there is a great need for potential engagement. Social media should be a tool to back relationship and build network who are genuinely interested in your products and services. It’s better to have fewer but engaged followers who purposely interact with you that to have tons of artificial bots boosting up your follower stats.

They Make Your Page Seem Less Interesting Than It Is

not interesting

100,000 followers, 47 likes on your content post! This shows clearly how your social page is rich of unqualified prospects, which shows a complete a dull experience on your page. Buying followers makes you look unnatural, especially to those people who are paying attention to your brands.

These are the kind of people who never listen to your social content. They don’t know anything about what you offer, and they don’t care to know about it either. It creates a successful imbalance between your content post and the number of followers who are interested in it, making your brand to look wrong to your real followers. If you buy followers, it means that there is an excellent chance of getting bots that don’t ever like your content and interact with your page. You will have a boring page that can bring a huge turnoff to the rest of your potential followers.

Make it Hard to Track Your Progress on Social Media


Social media plays a significant role when it comes to the marketing of your brands, connecting with customers and building a healthy relationship with your clients. However, when you buy followers, you will end up having fake results. Since they are mainly bots, you will get ingenuine generic comments to your post in entirely different languages. There are even no genuine reasons to trust these comments. To make it worse, these comments may not be in line with your content. It leaves you with invaluable insights which play a crucial part when making decisions.

With these fake followers, you will also never have an actual sense of whether your platform initiatives are working since no one is engaging with your content posts, leaving you with no statistic to measure. This makes it hard to track your progress on social media.

Gives a bad impression of your business

bad impression

It is certain that you will have a good number of followers if you buy them. At first sight, this large number will allure people to believe in you, making you look like a right influencer. However, this is harmful. People will easily notice (when you have a couple of likes per post yet a large number of followers). On top of this, it is easy to find out the social pages which are followed by fake accounts and a lot of people have currently reported on the same. There are also tools that are making this task to be more comfortable than before.

If found out with fake followers, it will make your potential followers question your service ending up jeopardizing your reputation. If it is also known to your competitors that you have artificially generated followers, they will use it as a tool against your business. There is a need to remain genuine and keep people believe and trust your service.

What should I do instead?

what to do

Social media followers take a lot of time and effort to grow. What you need to do is to have robust strategic plans and learn legitimate ways of increasing your followers naturally. Real followers are genuinely interested in your brands and with them, you will never compromise your reputation. Developing your social media pages requires constant efforts, and we have plenty of guides to help you get started. Even when you already have a page going on, you may need help in engaging your users on social media, Most of all, once you plan these aspects, you can efficiently manage your page using Social Ignite to be practical yet efficient. So what are you waiting for?