sales funnel stages

Any business must put in place strategies and techniques that will help to attract qualified traffic to their sites, turn visitors to leads and delight their clients so that they actively involved in promoting the products. This should be one of the most important aspects in your sales funnel stages. If you are finding smart ways you can use your social media channels for lead conversion, or you want to focus and leverage your target clients’ path to buying your products and services, then you are in the right place.

Collecting followers is one task, turning them to potential paying clients can be another different task. Achieving this needs a customized sales to funnel incorporated in your strategies.

Social media marketing is more of using social networks and tools to guide your audience through various steps (a funnel) which further lead them to take the action you want. Such work may include buying your product, sharing their email address and becoming fans. In this article, you will learn three essential reasons why you need to use social media in your sales funnel stage.

Awareness and Traffic

sales funnel stages
Tell your customers you are an open and active business, not just a random page.

Increasing awareness is one of the sales funnel stages that is very important as part of your marketing strategies. The prospect needs to learn about your ongoing services and products. Equally, our initial goals come with attracting as many customers as possible to our website and create followers in the cheapest way possible.

As a result, most businesses with a small number of followers or email list are so determined to use tools such as Facebook Ads which are actively targeting their small audience. Social media channels also give you a myriad way of attracting more visitors. Various channels use tools such as pay-per-click advertising (PPC), direct mail campaigns and cold calling all in the efforts of increasing brand awareness as well as generating traffic to the websites.
Therefore, social media is essential when it comes to generating more traffic to your site by attracting your audience or visitors. It helps you influence them by encouraging them to share your content. Social media also gives you options to promote your brand with the help of sales promotions and ads. It is in an effort of increasing your brand awareness which is a crucial part in sales funnel stage.

Generating Leads

Social media is the best tool to use when you want to generate leads. It can be most helpful if your audience has already created interest in your products and services you offer. While it is difficult to capture all the information for your website visitors, it is essential to take a good time investing on visitors who don’t convert.
Social media gives you a good platform of monitoring your leads and help you to retarget visitors who don’t convert at the first time. It helps you to set up retargeting campaigns by running advertisements on some of the popular websites hence displaying only to people who visited your site. It gives your visitors another chance to convert into potential followers.


sales funnel stages
Keep interacting with your customers. Build a persona for your business.

Social media has the highest engagement rate ever. It comes with many options that can help your content to go viral within the shortest time possible as people are more likely to share or comment on them. Social media also comes with an excellent opportunity to build a demand for your brand. The following is how social media can help you increase engagement strategies as part of your sales funnel stage:

Lead Magnet

sales funnel stages
You have something everyone wants, the trick is, knowing what it is.

It involves generating interest in your services and product by providing value to your visitors.

Social media helps you to educate your audience by providing solutions to their problems and achieve their goals by buying your services or products. Lead magnet, therefore, helps to generate demand for your product.

Social media helps you to educate your audience by providing solutions to their problems and achieve their goals by buying your services or products. Lead magnet, therefore, helps to generate demand for your product.


social media blogging

Blogging helps you to increase awareness for your solution. It also focuses on the primary source of generating traffic for your site. The best part about blogging is the ability to build a secondary income for your business, simply by writing out a few articles about the relevant topic. Not only does this help you become an expert yourself in the field, but increases your SEO ranking for your website or business, thus gaining even more in-direct exposure.


sales funnel stages

It focuses on convincing your audience to take action and buy your products. The webinar provides active engagement and is the right tool to have a call-to-action for the purchase of the products or services you are offering. More than that, it is the perfect place to pitch to a fan base that is already interested in what you have to say.

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