In order to create high content on your blog and be able to drive steady traffic to it, you will need experienced writers, stable editors, developers, and much more.

The kind and size of the team you hire will largely depend on your goals, budget, and the size of your business.

It is important to know that whatever you do, your team is the key to your success. You cannot do everything by yourself especially for content marketing which is becoming increasingly fragmented and harder to scale; hence expecting your progress to be on track.  No! With the same token, executing an effective content marketing program is no a walk in the park. It requires a high-level skilled team and a well-run program.

To help you build and operate an elite team of writers, editors, developers, strategists, videographers, and designers, check out this guide for more info.

1. Create a content marketing strategy

This can be well done by hiring the right strategist. The primary task of strategist specialist is to create a high-level plan that incorporates all the requirements needed for your company to achieve its content marketing goals. They will help you to set aside an effective content strategy that will help you decide on the type and number of writers you need to hire.

In addition to this, content strategists will also help you to set up the overall tone of your content, evaluating and defining key performance indicators for your brand and allocating budgets. Depending on the scale of your operation, a content strategist may also do all the pre-production research, like auditing your current content marketing efforts, creating personas, and performing editorial strategy tasks such as writing the brand and its style guidelines.

Having the right strategy in place can also help you to focus on your long-term goals and not just on producing content.

2. Select your managing editor wisely

Managing editors are responsible for executing the content strategist’s vision. Their task also involves managing the content calendar and maintaining consistency in the variety and volume of content produced by writers. Therefore, you need to choose them carefully.

This task is mainly for action takers. People who will ensure things happen on a budget, on time and in the right way, with the right stakeholders looped in throughout the whole process. The managing editor should keep everyone on task and informs the team of key performance indicators (KPIs) that are integral to their marketing efforts. If there you are not going to have a managerial role like this to keep tabs, your social media marketing efforts can become siloed; hence becoming difficult to see the throughlines of your brand success.

Therefore, consider choosing someone who pays keen attention to details, someone who is highly organised, and can work to a deadline; hence ensuring ultimate quality results.

3. Hire skilled writers with journalistic backgrounds

Why writers with journalistic backgrounds? Journalists know how to get quality points using fewer words. They are not prone to these marketing jargon hawking online, and they are natural storytellers.

When hiring a writer, the quality of his or her work should be more critical than their background or qualifications. When it comes to journalists, they usually have an innate ability to investigate an issue from all perspectives and write in a way that communicates and engaging to the audience. Therefore, a journalistic background is a great asset for a writer on your content marketing team.

Writers with journalistic foundation will become a creative force behind your content team. They are highly reliable in coming up with creative but relevant ideas; capturing the magic of storytelling as they write up your content in your brand voice.

4. Find proactive writers

A great writer can write on any topic as long as anything can be researched from the internet. Mostly, a skilled writer will be more valuable than one who is knowledgeable about a particular subject. That is the reason why you need to look for writer candidates from all types of content places. Unless you are creating content which is extremely technical or requires in-depth domain knowledge, choose potential writers on the quality of their portfolio rather than the topics they have written about.

5. Hire SEO and data analytics experts

Organic traffic is the most significant source of traffic for your blog. Therefore, you need to consider Search Engine Optimization should as part of your content strategy, and you will need an expert to execute it.

SEO and data analyst experts are responsible for identifying ranking opportunities conducting experiments, tracking progress and also educating other team members such as writers and content marketers on the best SEO methods.

6. Find coordinators

Choosing the right coordinator can be beneficial to your content marketing success as they help in scaling content. Coordinators will keep track of all the details from vetting and managing freelancers to making sure that each person in your team really performed their respective tasks.

7. Invest in education of your team

Let’s be open, content marketing is usually evolving. There is always a new tool out there on a near-daily basis. On the other hand, content marketing experts are few in the market, so it is essential to invest in educating your team.

8. Hire a creative designer(s)

Creative designers for a creative touch to all marketing material released

Let’s face it, visual content should absolutely be a part of your content mix. Just from infographics, e-books, interactive, social content, and white papers, you will need a good design which will communicate your brand’s visual language. This will make your content more accessible to synthesise; hence enhancing your audience’s experience. A competent designer should be skilled in all kinds of design, as well as data visualisation.

9. Promote your team’s work

Promotion of the teams work to advance the content marketing agenda in the right direction.

If you have not made any effort to promote the work of your team, it will be good to act immediately. Even if they benefit from the work you do, if they don’t know about the part you play to motivate them, it will be hard for them to get ahead at work.

10. Hire a publisher

Publishing to handle the execution of your content to the public

When it comes to content marketing, publishers have reach that you may not. They know their audiences and can help you connect with them. Paying to promote your content or even working with well-established publishers to create custom content can really help you to reach a wider audience.

11. Developer

developers handling technical aspects of content marketing like seo

As your content strategy grows more complex, there will be a need to also continuously make changes to your website that will help you accommodate these complexities.

Example, you may need a new plugin for a contest you are running or a landing page for your latest magazine or eBook. Having a developer in-house makes getting them done without hassle.

A developer can also handle many technical issues like SEO practices.

12. Structure your team effectively

teamwork between content marketing specialists

Finally, after choosing your team wisely, from writers all the way to developers, you need to structure your team effectively. The way you will structure your team sends a strong message about what your team is capable of.

So, how do you structure your team effectively?

  • Prioritising Roles; for effective team structure, it is crucial to have a clearly defined job role and a formal structure for your team. So you have to start building your team from somewhere. Since every position in your team is essential, you can create a strategy that will help you distribute roles to each individual;

Here are two strategies to consider:

  1. Starting with senior-level leadership; this level contains people who know what kind of team they need. Finding someone looking to build from the ground up, in their own vision, could make this an enticing opportunity.
  2. Starting with a well-rounded generalist; someone who can begin executing useful work while figuring out what is needed to take things to the next level.
  • Assign content creation based on your marketing team’s interests; while most writers can write about several different topics, some have topics they are passionate about. Those who write about the topics they love and know like the back of their hand are going to create fantastic content that your audience is going to love. If you can find a specific someone on your content creation team to cover each of the main topics for your blog, then you are going to have a team of experts in all items.

Therefore, without this, responsibilities get blurred, and chaos usually arises, trudging your performance behind.


Strategy and measurement are crucial for your business. Choosing the right tools at hand to create and distribute your content are also essential. However, without the right people on your team, those tools and tactics might be useless. Therefore, if you have been struggling on how to get your content marketing off the ground, or in achieving greater reach and scale, this is the best time to ensure that you find the right people and expertise on your team.