A social media personal assistant¬†to schedule, monitor and analyze your brand’s social media for you.

We are excited to showcase our new version of Social Ignite (beta)

A one of a kind, automated assistant that will keep you upto date on the latest statistics, conversations and best times to schedule content for all your social media activity. It is like your own personal social media assistant, keeping watch over your brand 24/7.


Ember handles

Multiple Platforms
Community Management
Super-charged Hashtags
Statistics Monitoring

Manage Social Media
and Get Viral Now

With a few simple tips and changes using our A.I. based personal assistant, you can make your brand stand out and reach more fans and generate more leads.

+ %
Saved Hours
$ +
Saved in Marketing Costs

A.I. Assistant that gives accurate and personal recommendations to turn your content viral. Using previous niche-based research and A.I. based analysis on your exisiting posts, we give you the best times, best content that will yield the most reach and engagement.


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram all look different, and ultimately name the same functions differently. Cut all that confusion out, and be able to manage all platforms with ease and through a single simple to use panel.

Replying and keeping up with fans’ mentions can be difficult as a full-time influencer. Get access to all comments in a simple feed, all prioritised by importance and relevance, making sure you don’t miss anything important.


Understand your core-audience clearly, and make smarter business decisions, yielding even more sales and a better customer relationship.

Hashtags are the driving force behind your social media. Find trending hashtags to use for your content, and get viral content in the eyes of more viewers much faster.
Plan your social media in advance with our visual cloud planner, and have it run all on its own with our innovative social content calendar. Keeping track of your social media posts has never been easier, even when managed by multiple people.