Ignite your social media like never before.

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A personal assistant to schedule, monitor and analyze your social media for you.



Simple Interface

Manage and monitor your pages on a Desktop or on your Android/Apple device.

Statistics Monitoring

Monitor posts and pages at real time and get detailed insights for better decisions.

Mention Tracking

A.I. analysis of your mentions across social media to ensure a positive outlook of your brand.

Smart Planning

A.I. Smart planner determines which times you should post at for optimal results.
Rocket - Super Charge Your Feed with Trending Hashtags

Supercharged Hashtags

Hashtags are the driving force behind your social media. Find trending hashtags to use for your content.

Calendar Planner

Plan your social media in advance, and have it run all on its own with our innovative social calendar.
Group Management

Stackable Pages

Easy page management by stacking similar pages for posting at once.

Plan your feed, days or even weeks in advance. 

So easy you can set it and forget it.

Supported Platforms

* Instagram publishing is currently unsupported at this time, but will be in the near future!



  • 25 Images
  • Facebook & Twitter
  • 3 Social Profiles
  • 5 Scheduled Posts
  • 10 Smart Tag Lookups
  • Mention Tracking


$9.99 / month
  • Asset Management
  • Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • 10 Social Profiles
  • 20 Scheduled Posts
  • Reply To Comments
  • Like Comments
  • 20 Smart Tag Lookups
  • Mention Tracking


$74.99 / month
  • Asset Management
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram
  • 50 Social Profiles
  • Unlimited Scheduled Posts
  • Reply To Comments
  • Statistics Analysis
  • Delete Comments
  • Like Comments
  • 250 Smart Tag Lookups
  • Mention Tracking Analysis
  • Comment Analysis (10,000/month)

For custom solutions please contact us.

Subscribing to any of the packages listed above means you agree to our terms and conditions. We offer 7 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service on all services. If you were a part of our beta program, please open a ticket with our support.

Who are we?

About us

As an enterpreneur myself, I would always be working on the next latest and greatest project, but I always faced one problem… And that is Marketing. I’d always try to aim to get some brand awarness and that becomes tough while trying to manage a growing business, which is why I came up with this business. An easy and simple way to make marketing as simple as it was meant to be.

Our mission

Social Ignite’s main goal is to make marketing for influencers and businesses dead easy and simple. We provide you all the tools and content assistance so that all you need to do is bang out a few words to your fans!

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